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In-home Newborn Session

2 hour shoot + 30 edited images available to download + printing assistance


 Once you've settled in with your new love we can make some pictures of this incredibly short and precious time (that is often so hard to remember through the sleep deprived fog!). Usually this is done when your baby is 1 - 6 weeks old. We won't use any props other than blankets/swaddles and anything with sentimental value that you would like to include. We'll work around baby's needs so the shoot won't need to be rushed or forced, I just want to capture the real love and beauty of your family so you'll be able to look back on these days with appreciation. As a trained birth and postpartum doula (be prepared to indulge me with your birth story- it's my very favorite thing to talk about) I'm very comfortable with newborns and the raw state that parents are often in at this time. 

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