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Hi folks! It's me, Hannah

Natural light, lifestyle family photographer based in Portland, Or.

 I feel like a person's musical taste gives me a good feel for who they are so I'll share mine with you... Most folk from the 60s and 70s is deeply rooted in me, gritty blues will stop me in my tracks (the Black Keys Chulahoma album that are all covers of Junior Kimbrough is mmm mmm good) Fiona Apple is my girl power goddess, and of course I am moved to groove when 90s R&B is on. I usually ask my clients about the music they like listening to so I can help set the mood at outdoor shoots so be prepared to share yours with me too! 


 As a mom to two kids (Jane is 8 and Crosby is 5) I understand that heart-breaking feeling of realizing how quickly time is passing and want to give you better pictures of this stage than just what you have on your phone. You think you have so many great pictures until you scroll through and realize that none of them are print-worthy and hardly any of them include the whole family. I'll give you those memories framed up beautifully so you and your kids can reminisce together some day and tell those stories you're living right now. Sitting on my mom's couch and looking through old photo albums has always lead to great stories being told and I want to preserve that experience for our kids' generation.


In my studies of supporting laboring women, I was turned onto the concept of the divine feminine. The feminine energy (intuition, nurture, cooperation, creativity, sensuality...) is in us all. No place is that amplified more than in a family dynamic... Dads comforting their children, kids dancing, and moms giving me that knowing smile. It all lights me up and shows up often in my work. Our society places so much importance on masculine energy so I feel compelled to celebrate and acknowledge The Feminine through my photography.

Hope to get to know you soon,

Hannah Schreiner


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